Our Strategic Partnerships

“The Harris Group do NOT try and be ‘all things to all parties’. We stick to what we do and aim to do it well, especially with the assistance of our strategic partners as required.”

Income tax involves many areas and disciplines. Given however that we deal with tax planning, entity structures and estate planning issues, specialist advice and assistance is often required in the area of Superannuation.

Super is a very specialised area, subject to constant legislative and rulings change and amendments. In our view, it is NOT an area for the general accountant or practitioner. We have a long relationship with Dunlops Super Strategies Pty Ltd – Ms Debbie Ramage.  We work closely with Dunlops to develop superannuation, pension and other retirement focused strategies to best suit our client’s needs and financial objectives.
Because our focus is to obtain the best strategic and cost effective solutions of our clients, we do NOT charge any additional referral fees in such cases.
Secondary Tax Opinions are obtained when considered in consolation with our clients from several major and Brisbane law and accounting firms, including senior counsel as and when required.

Insurance, including business, key man, sickness and accident etc is another key area, that we have out sourced and have reliance on an external party.

Our firm has a long relationship with Mr Warren Bryan, an authorized Representative and Senior Consultant of Australian CPI Group in this regard.

Legal Matters are mainly directed to Ramsden Lawyers, as noted herein, via its Principal / Managing Director, John Ramsden.
Major areas of assistance / expertise include – Property and business purchases/sales, stamp duty, intellectual property and licences, powers of attorney, wills, matrimonial advice, general and insolvency litigation, bank work out strategies etc. Our firm also has close ties and relationships to major and boutique Brisbane law firms, including senior counsel as and when required.

Insolvency and Administration matters, including Liquidator, Voluntary Administration, Controlling Trustee and Receivership assignments are directed to various Brisbane and Gold Coast based firms depending on the nature of the client matter.