Harris Strategic Solutions Vision

The current and future demands of our business, economic and regulatory environments (government, tax and corporate) are extremely erroneous, complex and demanding on businesses and individuals, whether based in the small to medium sized markets, or those of national and/or international size and focus.

We at The Harris Group seek to focus on providing and devising clear and concise strategic and cost effective business solutions for such businesses and individuals within our fields of expertise, and those of our strategic partners.
Recognising the often wider needs of our clients, we have formed strategic relationships with various specialist firms to broaden our service base for our clients. Please refer to ‘Our Strategic Partners’ page for details.


Our core skills involve the provision of key Financial and Taxation advisory specialist services. That is our market focus, and we do not attempt to provide other normal accounting services, except via our associated specialist Brisbane based firms, where considered appropriate. We recognise and accept the need to utilise these firms to provide the best possible options and services for our clients.

Our firm has a core relationship and agreement with Ramsden Lawyers, a long established and well respected legal practice also based on the Gold Coast. Such affiliation provides additional protection and benefits for our clients not normally afforded to accountants.