Why Choose The Harris Group?

With The Harris group, you aget more than just “bean counters”. You get specialist accountants and tax agents with an extensive range of financial management solutions to empower your growth and security.

You are able to seek assistance with complex taxation advisory services for income tax, GST, CGT, trusts and business/entity and asset structuring and estate and tax planning matters for SME to large national and international companies, groups and individuals.

You can expect our expert advise with ATO disputes, objections, appeals and AAT matters, including ATO debt negotiation and submissions and ATO Private Ruling applications.

Whilst we are also Tax Agents and can lodge all forms of income tax returns, this is not a major focus of this firm, and is offered as an additional service for clients only.

Our relationship with Ramsden Lawyers is also of key importance in the areas of pre insolvency and administration, matrimonial and creditor/bank work out arrangements. In addition, it also offers greater legal and privilege protection to our clients in certain circumstances.

The area of ATO Disputes, Controversy and Resolution has been a primary focus of the firm. From a practical viewpoint, the expensive experiences of its principal, Andrew Harris as a key advisor to the MA Howard Pty Ltd and Broadbeach Properties Pty Ltd in cases against the Commissioner of Taxation and are seen as key assets and knowledge in this area, whether at a corporate or individual level.

Andrew is currently representing two significant individuals with income tax disputes against the ATO, each involving amounts in excess of $17 million.